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Concrete Staining: Quality Delivered By Experts

Commercial concrete staining is appropriate for interior as well as exterior surfaces — wherever you want an attractive finish with little or no maintenance required.

The unique look of acid-stained concrete is in demand today, as even industrial clients realize that a practical flooring surface doesn’t have to be unattractive to be functional and durable.

What Is Concrete Staining?

The staining process uses acid to enhance the natural beauty of concrete. Although it’s used most often on floors, any concrete surface can benefit from staining.

Technicians apply acid-based compounds to create a chemical reaction in the concrete. It is this reaction that creates the unique appearance that is the hallmark of this process.

Acid staining creates a variegated color that can emulate the pattern of marble and other natural stone. Ultimately, how your stained surfaces look will depend on the slab itself as well as any finishes or coatings you choose to add. We can even create borders and geometric or random patterns for a more unusual finish.

Typically, customers choose to have a high-gloss seal applied over the stained concrete surface. This creates depth and enhances the color while providing an extra layer of protection to the floor. For acid staining of outdoor surfaces, a waterproof concrete coating will protect the finish against the harshest of weather conditions.

Stained Concrete Benefits

Acid staining is an affordable means of creating a beautiful, durable, finished surface that requires little or no maintenance. Acid-stained concrete can enhance the appearance of any slab, new or old.

If you’ve ever tried painting a slab, you know it’s a lot of work, and the results are temporary at best. When you use stain to finish a slab, however, the color penetrates the microscopic pores of the slab’s surface, so it won’t chip, peel or flake away.

Maintenance requires nothing more than damp mopping. In the case of heavy dirt buildup, all you need is a quick power washing.

Professional Concrete Staining

If you would like to have your concrete acid stained, look to a professional concrete resurfacing contractor. The staining process requires the use of specialized chemicals and equipment that are best left in the hands of experienced technicians.

C & L Coatings is the Utah expert for polishing, staining and finishing concrete surfaces.

We work with clients in every industry and sector. Whether your goal is to replace old flooring, restore and enhance a slab or update the aesthetic appearance of your facility, our experienced technicians will make your vision a reality. We are a locally owned company that considers your satisfaction our highest priority. You can’t beat the quality and affordability of our work.

Contact C & L Coatings of Utah today to learn more about our services, and to request an estimate for acid concrete staining.

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